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Fit is important when choosing the right women's ski boots

Ski boots are an important part of a good experience when skiing, so it is important that you choose the women's ski boots that fit you the best. The ski boots on this page are all designed for women, but there are still some factors that you need to be aware of when choosing ski boots.

Ski boots have to be comfortable to wear and they must also be able to keep your feet warm.
Since the outside of the ski boot consists of a hard plastic shell, a good fit and comfort are extremely important for the liner to fit perfectly to your feet.
Quality ski boots will have a good fit from the beginning, but they will also adapt to the feet over time to provide an even better fit.

Women's ski boots - The right choice for larger calves?

When looking at the anatomy of men and women's feet, there is a difference. That is why many of the ski boot companies design women’s specific models to fit differently than men’s boots. The major differences will be found in the cuff height, the heel and ankle fit.

A few years ago the common misconception appeared, that women with large calves would fit better in a pair of men's ski boots. Since the difference between in the shape of the boots are so significant, we at SkatePro always recommends that woman buys boots specifically designed for a woman.

You can read more in our Buying ski boots guide.

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