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What to look for when buying cross country skating skis

In general, a pair of cross country skating skis is much shorter and stiffer than any other type of skis. The reason for this is the dynamic and powerful movement and the sideward kick motion, that characterizes the ski-skating style.The style is very similar to the one used when ice skating.

When buying a pair of skate skis, you must take into consideration how experienced a skater you are. Experienced skate skiers will probably need a stiff and light model, whereas lesser experienced skate skiers might need a softer and more flexible model. When choosing a softer model, you will get the advantage of having a set of skis, that is not punishing you for minor mistakes on technique whereas the stiffer models require a bit more skill.

Height and weight matters in cross country skating

When picking out the right cross country skate skis, it is also important to choose the right size. Unlike classic cross country skis, there are no tangible guidelines concerning the length of the skis. But the average skate ski usually needs to be -10 to +10cm. of the body height of the skier. But this is a personal preference, where you should find a skate ski, that fits your skating style.

Furthermore, the weight of the skier plays a big role in picking the right set of skate skis. A guide for picking the right model for both your height and weight are available under each of the different sets of skate skis in this category.

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