Roller Skates for Kids (age 3+)

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Roller skates for kids

Roller skates are especially suited for small children because the mounting of the wheels makes it easy for the child to keep balance – even at low speed. Some of the kids roller skates are very child-friendly with:

  • practical closing systems, to make it easy for the child to take the boot on and off
  • removable and washable inner boots
  • adjustable boots

Others look and function more like the models for adults.

Which kids roller skates should I choose?

Roller skates for kids in the middle of the price range will typically be good beginner skates for a workout and fun use. However, the quality doesn't always depend on the price. To make sure that you have a wide range of products to choose from, we have roller skates in several qualities and price ranges. In the low end, we have roller skates that are actual toy-skates. Though they can be fine for small children, you shouldn’t expect high quality or special features with these kinds of roller skates for kids. In the high-end, we have models from Rio and Roces, that are more like the adult models. For more information about skates in general, you can read our overall guide for Buying skates.

When buying skates for kids which size should I get?

Many kids roller skates are small in size, therefore it is a good idea to choose roller skates that are 1 or 2 sizes bigger than the child’s shoe size. However, you should always remember to read the description of the kids skates you want to buy. It will usually appear if the chosen model is small or big in size. A practical feature of some of the roller skates for kids is that they can be adjusted as the child’s feet grow bigger.

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