Accessories for Cross Country Ski Bindings

Ski binding screws and other accessories

If you do a google search on ski bindings, you will be blown away of different pieces of information, and it will take you a lot of time to become an expert on all the different aspect of the ski bindings. If you found your way to this category, you will probably already know a thing or two about ski bindings.

In this category you will find a NIS plate. A NIS plate is premounted on some skis, and IS normally just for installing NNN bindings. You will also find different ski binding screws, NIS mounting plates and sns adapters.

If you own a pair of skis with a NIS mounting plate, which is normally just for installing NNN bindings, but has bought a pair of SNS compatible bindings, you can overcome this obstacle by installing a sns adapter. It’s a small investment but if it means that you can use your favorite bindings on your favorite skis it’s a good investment. The ski binding screws for this product will be included in the package.

Pay attention to the flexor

This is also the category, where you’ll find our different flexors for cross country skis. In general, there are two types of flexors. One type that is suitable for skate style and one that is best for classic style. Rottefella has designed the Xcelerator Flexor, where you can shift between the two styles on the same flexor. This Flexor is very useable and practical on the longer trips, where you want to minimize the amount of gear and weight you carry in your backpack.

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