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Freeskate wheels are perfect all-round wheels

Freeskates are the more robust sidekick to the classic inline skate and they are made for skaters who want maximum freedom while skating. Wheels for freeskating (or freestyle skate wheels) are often made of a higher quality PU than normal wheels and they have a strong core that ensures stability and durability.

Freeskating can roughly be divided into two main categories and so can the wheels: Slalom skating and Powerblading.

  • Freeskating slalom wheels are usually in the range from 84a and down, and are optimized for maximum control on the asphalt. In slalom skating the athletes often choose to have slightly bigger wheels in the middle, which makes them able to do very fast and sharp turns.
  • Wheels made for powerblading, where you jump and make powerslides, are a bit harder and typically ranging from 85a and up. The skates for this type of skating often has a big resemblance to aggressive skates, and this is also the case for freeskate wheels that are optimized for powersliding. If you take a closer look at them, you will see, that they have a flat profile and are smaller than freeskating slalom wheels.

Notice: Most freestyle wheels in this category come without bearings, and it will be stated in the specifications if the bearings are included. The main reason for this is, that different skaters have different preferences regarding both brand and ABEC-score. Read more about what to consider when buying bearings in our bearings guide.

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