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What to look for when buying pro scooter bearings

A worn out set of pro scooter bearings can take every drop of joy out of any ride. The crunching sound, combined with a large amount of wasted power due to resistance from the bearings is not a thing that anyone want to aim for.

When buying new bearings for scooters, there are few things that should be taken into consideration.

Sealed bearings vs. opened bearings

If you’re riding your pro scooter bearings outside you should get sealed bearings. Sealed bearings have better dirt and dust resistance and require a minimum of maintenance. For sealed bearings, we recommend using grease as a lubricant.

Opened bearings, on the other hand, are a decent choice for indoor park riders. Opened bearings rotate faster, meaning you won’t have to push as many time with your foot. They require some more maintenance, but they are easy to clean. For opened bearings, we recommend using oil as a lubricant.

Build quality of wheel bearings

Bearings for scooters come in various materials. The material is crucial for its durability and quality. Cheap wheel bearings are made out of residual metal or hardened carbon steel. SkatePro doesn't recommend using these materials because they don’t last long before a replacement is necessary.

Good scooter bearings are made of Chrome, Titanium or Swiss steel while speeding bearings are made of stainless ceramic which has the highest durability of all the different bearings.

Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) is a scale that tells how well the bearings convert energy into speed. The precision goes from ABEC 1 to ABEC 9 - the higher the ABEC number, the higher precision, effectiveness, and possibility for speed the bearings provide.

Regardless what kind of bearings you ride, you should always stay away from sand and water in order to make your bearings last longer.

Want to learn more about bearings? See our detailed review of bearings and their function.

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