Inline Speed Skates

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Choosing the right inline speed skates

There is a wide range of inline speed skates to be found. If you need skates that can roll fast, but not necessarily skates that can be used for inline speed skating, you can choose skates with ankle support and smaller wheels than the wheels for inline speed skates. Speed skates used for speed skating have very big wheels to be able to gain high speed. The frame and wheels are stretched significantly longer than the boot. The speed skate boots have a tighter fit and not much padding. Furthermore, the boots have very little ankle support to make it possible to apply the speed skating specific skating techniques. This boot cut type is easy to recognize, as it looks more like a shoe than a boot.

Wheels for inline speed skates are made for high speed which makes them quite special. Besides the fact that the wheels are very big, they are also quite hard with a narrow profile to minimize road contact, and by that making the skate really fast.

What do I use my speed rollerblades for?

When speed skating, you can use either ice-skates or inline speed skates. When the sport is performed on ice-skates, it is called speed skating. When the sport is performed on inline skates, it's called inline speed skating or inline racing. Inline speed skating can take place either indoor or outdoor. Outdoor inline speed skating is a racing competition. However, if you just want to skate fast and push your own limits, inline speed skates are also suited for that purpose.

Besides dedicated inline speed rollerblades, you can also find single parts, such as boots, wheels, bearings and frames and even kids speed skates. All of them specially built for speed.

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