Roller Ski Poles

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Choose Your Roller Ski Poles

Having the right roller ski poles can make all the difference to your enjoyment when roller skiing. Not only do poles help propel you forwards, but they are an important balancing tool to keep you in control. The main points to consider are the material and length of the roller ski poles, as they should match your skiing style and height.

Roller Ski Pole Length

The length of your roller ski poles depends on if you are skiing the classic or skating style. Classic roller ski poles should roughly be 30 cm shorter than your total height. This is optimal for the arm movements you make. The skating roller ski poles should around be 20 cm shorter than your total height. They are recommended to be a little longer than the classic ones because the side-to-side movements allow more room to reach.

Roller Ski Pole Materials

Roller ski poles are commonly made with carbon, fiberglass or a combination of the two. Each of the material types have their advantages and disadvantages. Poles that are 100% carbon are stiff, lightweight and offer the best power transfer from arm to pole tip. These are suited for experienced roller skiers and racers. Poles that have a combination of 50% carbon, 50% fiberglass are more flexible, heavier and so do not break as easily as fully carbon poles. This is generally more economical and is a popular choice for recreational roller skiers.

Other features to look out for include pole straps, ski pole handles (generally made from cork) and ski poles tip replacements which can come in different sizes. To see more equipment for roller ski poles, you can visit Ski Pole Grips or Tips for Rollerski & Cross Country Ski Poles.

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