Ski Protection Gear

Do I Need Ski Protection For Skiing?

Skiing can be a dangerous sport that involves high speeds, challenging snow and out-of-control tourists. It’s clever to use high-quality ski protection that can prevent a full range of injuries. Falling while skiing is accepted, particularly for beginners that are still fine-tuning their balance. Although experienced skiers fall less frequently, the stakes are often higher as they tend to ski at high speeds, so the crashes can be more significant.

Common injuries while skiing are torn ligaments and bruised hips and tailbones, while more serious injuries include head concussions and strained backs.

What Ski Protective Gear Do I Need?

A ski helmet is the best piece of ski protection you can buy. Make sure that it is certified to be used for snow sports, and it fits your head correctly. Thankfully, all of our ski helmets are certified. Although fresh snowfall is light and fluffy, once it is compact on a ski slope, it is as solid as ice, so your head needs to be well protected in case you fall.

Ski back protectors and impact shorts provide a similar type of protection. They are designed to absorb the impacts from a fall and distribute the energy to reduce bruising and muscle damage.

The other type of ski protection is avalanche safety gear. This is ski safety equipment that is stored in a ski backpack and used to search for locating and dig out skiers that have been buried in an avalanche. This safety gear is only for experienced skiers with knowledge of backcountry skiing and rescue techniques.

Another piece of equipment that is considered as ski protection are ski goggles. These shield your eyes from the sun, wind and snow and give you the best visibility on the ski slopes. To see our collection, check out Ski Goggles.

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