Ski Protection

Good to know

Good snow safety includes the right skiing safety equipment

Even though avalanches, storms and dangerous crashes aren't everyday stuff - they do, sadly, occur. Each year we hear about terrifying scenarios, where skiers are caught in avalanches and the rescue workers having a very hard time finding the victims under deep layers of snow.

A high level of ski safety includes being prepared for possible accidents, and owning the right skiing safety equipment can be a big advantage. Both regarding safety, but also when it comes to your state of mind. If you are well prepared for a possible accident it lets you enjoy your ski trip without having to worry about too much. If you have children who are going on their first skiing trip with some friends or school, it will also give you as a parent some security knowing, that they are wearing protective gear and maybe even an avalanche alarm.

When the right ski protection is important

In this category, you’ll find a broad assortment of different avalanche alarms and digging equipment if you should find yourself or your friends in the horrible situation of an avalanche. You will also find more classic and old-school ski protection equipment such as crash pants/impact shorts, back protectors and ski and snowboard helmets.

A back protector prevents any serious spine and hip damage, which is pretty common among skiers, who don’t wear this kind of protective equipment. We always recommend that you wear a ski helmet to protect your head against impact and damage. The avalanche safety gear is recommended for everyone who enjoys to explore the untouched powder snow of the backcountry and need extra specialized safety gear.

Always remember to do some research and to educate yourself from home and take your precautions before you enter the backcountry.