Freestyle BMX Hub Guards

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BMX Hub guards provide some extra protection

Tired of destroying your freestyle BMX hubs again and again? Then a pair of BMX hub guards can offer you some protection. They are made to protect your BMX hubs and spokes during grinds. Furthermore, a pair of BMX hub guards tends to give a smoother feeling during grinds.

BMX hub guards come in many different shapes and varieties and are made from either nylon or aluminum. The choice of shape and material is very individual from rider to rider. That being said a nylon hub guard will provide an easier grind than its aluminum sidekick. On the other hand, the aluminum hub guard is more durable.

What you need to think about

When buying BMX bike parts like a pair of hub guards, it’s important to choose a model that fits your hubs. Some guards are specifically made for certain hubs, while other are made universal, so they fit most of the hubs on the market. It will be written in the product specifications if the hub guard is unique for a specific hub.

Obviously, a set of hub Guards don't offer 100 percent protection for your hub and spokes, but we recommend every Freestyle BMX rider to use them. The money you spend on hub guards is earned back the first time they “save” your hub.

In Our wide selection of BMX hub guards, you’ll find different models and designs from the strongest BMX brands such as Eclat, G-sport, salt shadow and Wethepeople.

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