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What Is Longboarding?

Longboarding is an action sport that has a more surf-like feel to it than skateboarding. It is performed with boards, which are longer and wider than skateboards. In addition, longboards feature larger and softer wheels, which is why they provide better cruising and carving abilities compared to skateboards.

Generally speaking, longboarding is a great sport for speed and covering distances, but it is also a quick and easy transportation device for everyday use. Many longboarding competitions are all about high speeds when riding downhill. However, longboarding also features more trick-oriented riding styles, so longboarding can be considered a versatile board sport.

Different Styles of Longboarding

Longboarding can be divided into five general riding styles: cruising, freestyle, freeride, downhill, and dancing.

The most common style of riding is cruising. This kind of longboarding is relatively easy to learn. It provides a fun, surf-like feeling when commuting or riding on different surfaces. Carving is similar to cruising, but it features deeper turns and more pumping.

Longboard dancing is about performing various boardwalk tricks on your longboard. You can really show off your creativity and artistic side with this riding style. Freestyle longboarding is another riding discipline that allows you to perform different tricks, such as hand spins and jumps, with your board.

Downhill longboarding is for experienced riders. This style of longboarding focuses on gaining high speeds when riding downhill. It requires good control of your body and your board, and also knowledge of the riding techniques. Freeride longboarding is similar to downhill, but instead of concentrating fully on the speed, the rider’s goal is to perform slides and tricks.

Why Longboarding Is Good for You

Like other board sports, longboarding has many health benefits. It is a good aerobic exercise and a great way to improve your balance. Longboarding is also a fun and beginner-friendly sport that does not need a large investment to get you started.

Longboarding is performed outside and is an excellent method to increase your time spent outdoors in the fresh air. Because the large wheels provide smooth rides even on rougher surfaces, you can ride your longboard in a variety of places - from cities to countryside roads. Longboarding can also reduce stress because it keeps you concentrated and provides enjoyable riding experiences.

To make the most out of your longboarding sessions, remember to stay protected. You can find suitable protection gear in our category Longboard & Skateboard Protection.

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