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The scooter headset is small but essential

A pro scooter Headset is an essential part of the pro scooter build. A headset is installed into the head tube on the deck and makes sure that the fork rotates appropriately.
Pro scooter headsets come in different forms and quality. The two most popular types are “standard headsets” and “Integrated headsets”.

Standard headsets only work with a standard deck. This type of headset is also known as a non-integrated headset. In order to install a standard headset, the bottom and top cap are pressed into the deck - tools are required.

Integrated headsets only work with integrated decks. In order to install an integrated headset, no tools are required, since the bottom- and top cap is integrated into the head tube.

Should I go standard or integrated on the headset?

Pro scooter headsets either come with integrated threads or in a threadless design. If you are riding a headset with threads you’ll need a fork with threads as well. On the other hand, if you are riding a headset with a threadless design you’ll need a fork with a threadless design. If you are riding with a threadless design you’ll need a compression system for your custom build. (SkatePro recommends threadless designed headsets).

Besides the two different types of headset, there are also two different types of quality, unsealed and sealed bearings.

Unsealed bearings are more likely to get dirt in it, making the scooter harder to handle and spin. A sealed bearing is a bit more expensive but also higher quality and they’ll last much longer.

A pro scooter headset is a precise piece of equipment and its parts should fit together perfectly. If you are feeling insecure about your next headset or have a question regarding, feel free to give us a call.