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Cross Country Skate Boots are Stiff and Strong

Skate ski boots are the necessary footwear needed for cross country skate skiing. They are designed with strong and rigid soles and secure ankle support by ways of straps and buckles. These features are to manage the movement and energy created by the skating technique, which is similar to ice skating.

The sole of the cross country skate boot also tells you which binding system they will be compatible with. The two main systems are NNN (New Nordic Norm) and SNS (Salomon Nordic System). If you already own a pair of skate skis with bindings, then you should match the boots to fit them.

Can You Use Classic Cross Country Ski Boots for Skate Skiing?

Classic ski boots have some similarities to skate ski boots, but do not offer the same support needed for skate skiing. The movements are different and more sideways pressure is used when skating, so the extra support is crucial for stability and energy transfer. Strong lateral ankle support of the skate ski boots makes all the difference when skating.

If you are unsure on whether you would like to start classic or skate cross country skiing, then you should consider skating boots with combi features. The combi boot can be used for both classic and skate skiing, which gives you the opportunity to try out different styles before spending your budget on specialized equipment.

Visit Skate Cross Country Ski Bindings to find a pair of bindings to match the skate boots.

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