Cross Country Ski Boots for Backcountry

The quality of backcountry ski boots have reached new heights

Ever wanted to take cross country skiing back to the roots? This is it. The very original style of cross country skiing that has its origin in the Scandinavian lands. The past few years the gear for backcountry skiing has become so much better, and many see this as a good opportunity to upgrade their gear. When it comes to backcountry ski boots, this is also the case.

A set of backcountry cross country skiing boots can be compared to a set of hiking boots. Since you spend both half and whole days walking and skiing in these boots, they need to have a big amount of comfort, be stable and warm. The materials used for backcountry ski boots are usually leather or Thinsulate.

Consider the soles when choosing backcountry ski boots

There are generally two different types of soles to consider when looking for a set of backcountry cross country skiing boots. The first type has similarities with a telemark boot, where a nib at the toe of the boot gets squeezed down in the bindings. This setup is perfect if you like to go telemark-style on your downhill runs, where you have the heel free of the bindings.

The other sole concept has more resemblances to the classic boots. Here you have the boot hooked in the binding through a metal stick but still provides you with a lot more flexibility than any pair of alpine ski boots offers.

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