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What characterizes speed skate wheels?

Wheels for speed skating traditionally has a diameter in the range of 80-110mm. Lately, there has been a development in the wheel sizes, and the diameter has been increasing up to 125mm for further improved speed.

The durometer depends on the surface. 85-87a is often used on the rough asphalt as found in the Northern European roads. The profile of a speed skating wheel is narrow, in order to create a smaller contact point with the surface - The narrow profile of the wheel thereby creates less friction and higher speeds.

As soon as you have gotten some experience in skating on a pair of speed skates, SkatePro recommends that you select the largest possible wheels, that fits your skates. If you, on the other hand, are new to speedskating, we recommend that you choose a set of wheels that are a bit smaller, since 125mm can be both hard to master but also pretty scary. They do still provide you with high speed though. Quality speed wheels are known by their good rebound and good grip.

Most common with three inline speed skates wheels

If we go a few years back in time, we will see that speedskates had as many as five or even more wheels attached to the frame. In recent years this philosophy has changed and the most common setup now includes only three wheels on each skate. This is simply to minimize the resistance from the extra wheels and bearings.

Notice: Most wheels in this category are sold without bearings, it will be stated in the specifications if bearings are included.

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