T-tools / Skate tools for skateboards


What Skateboard Tools Do You Need?

Having a few different skateboard tools, also called skate wrenches, can save your day when your board needs a sudden fix. The most common and important skate tools are Y- and T-tools. They look different but share the same features. Both Y- and T-tools for skateboards have differently sized sockets for adjusting trucks, wheels, and deck bolts, and they come with an Allen key and with a Phillips head.

Aside from skate tools, it is useful to have tools for bearing maintenance and cleaning. You can find various bearing cleaners, oils, and special bearing saver tools that prevent bearing-shield damage during installation. These tools ensure the longevity and performance of your bearings - and keep your board’s wheels rolling.

Is a Skate Tool Necessary?

There is nothing worse than arriving at the skate park, skating for a few minutes, and then having a loose screw or bolt which forces you to walk all the way home for repair.

With your own skate tool, you can quickly maintain and fix the different parts of your skateboard. A skateboard T-tool can fix almost every problem right there on the spot. The tool can also be used to repair objects other than your skateboard.

Having a skate tool is therefore definitely advantageous. And because they are small, carrying them around in your bag is easy when you head out for your skateboarding session.

Are There Differences Between Skate Tools?

Even though many brands have their own versions of skate tools, they all can usually carry out the same exact jobs. So when you have to decide which tool to choose, you should go for your favorite design.

However, some all-in-one skate tools have more features than regular skateboard tools, such as axle re-threaders and a few differently sized Allen keys. These kinds of tools are perfect for solution-oriented riders who enjoy tinkering with their boards.

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