Ski Backpacks & Ski Avalanche Backpacks


Do You Need A Backpack While Skiing?

There can be many reasons why it is beneficial to ski with a backpack on. They can be very useful for carrying things such as energy bars, water bottles and extra clothing. Besides the conventional models, you can also get an avalanche backpack that is specifically designed to carry avalanche gear and rescue equipment. A so called avy pack is an essential piece of equipment for skiers in off-piste areas.

Ski Backpacks That Cover All Your Needs

Ski Backpacks

The best ski backpacks have padded shoulder straps with zippered pockets to stop snow from getting in. They often come with a chest strap to keep the bag securely on your back. Many of these models can also be used outside of skiing for more everyday use.

Ski Touring & Avalanche Backpacks

Avalanche backpacks do so much more than carry some of your personal belongings. There are specific compartments for avalanche gear such as shovels, probes and hydration packs. Backcountry skiing can bring situations where you must take your skis off and hike, so on many models there is a strapping system to attach your skis or snowboard on. Airbag backpacks work through the pull of a handle, with an airbag immediately inflating to keep you on the snow surface during an avalanche. They also contain the normal compartments for safety gear.

Ski Travel Packs

Choose between travel backpacks for a weekend ski trip or a larger travel bag that holds your whole family's ski clothes. Ski specific brands have designed these bags to handle all the wear and tear that comes from getting to and from your favorite skiing locations each season.

For these bigger sized travel bags, check out our category Ski Bags.

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