Carry your gear with style

Whether you are looking for a school backpack or just a cool backpack to transport your books, laptop or tablet from or to work or school, or transporting your gear and tools when you are out skating.

We have a wide range of backpacks and fanny packs in many different shapes, designs and colors and sizes. But one thing you can be sure of, no matter what your needs are, we have the bag for you to carry them in.

Backpacks, the fashionable classic that's here to stay

Since the word backpack started appearing in the USA in the 1910’s this timeless bag has become the favorite choice for many people and a big part of the mainstream fashion culture and not without reason. What started out as a practical arrangement to carry your stuff in, has become a fashion accessory to show off your style.

The Backpack lets you transport your gear safe and easy on your back. Leaving your hands free and provides you with great balance. At the same time it’s comfortable to wear and gives you the possibility to adjust it, so it fits you perfectly. A lot of the backpacks you’ll find in this category have various compartments specially designed to take extra care of things like cameras, laptops.

All the backpacks you’ll find in this category are high-quality bags made for being used because we know that the life of a backpack is hard. On this page, you’ll find backpacks from brands such as Douchebags, Burton, Globe, DC Shoes, Herschel Dakine and many other brands.