Scooter Safety Gear

Should I Get Pro Scooter Protective Gear?

Protective gear reduces the risk of getting injured and will make you feel safer. This way you will be more confident and more likely to practice new tricks.

That is why wearing protective gear when on a stunt scooter is always a good idea. Scooter pads and helmets are commonly used by advanced riders and they are a must-have for all beginners. Children should always wear scooter safety gear and be supervised by their parents.

What Is the Best Protective Gear on a Pro Scooter?

The best protective gear you can get for your riding sessions is a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Scooter helmets are the most important piece of your safety equipment collection. It protects your head from any danger and keeps your brain safe. Choose a well-ventilated helmet with a snug fit that does not wiggle around your head.

Knee pads for scooters are the next most popular piece of protective equipment. Look for knee pads with big hard plastic caps and a thick foam interior to absorb high impacts. They will inspire confidence and tricks will become safer to perform.

Elbow pads for pro scooter riders are also quite popular. They protect you against bruises and any impacts in case you mess up a trick or fall. Go for elbow pads providing a snug fit and that do not impede your movement on the scooter.

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