Longboard Griptape


Stay in Control With Longboard Griptape

Griptape is the sandpaper-like material that you stick to the top of your board. It’s what helps create the friction between your shoes and the board and is important for staying in control when riding. So for longboarding, having griptape is highly recommended, especially if you like aggressive pumping and carving.

Can regular skateboard griptape be used for longboards? Providing it is long and wide enough then yes. However, specially made griptape for longboarding is often coarser to withstand the different style of riding.

Griptapes are available in a cool range of styles and designs to customize your board. If you want to keep the look of your deck, consider getting some clear griptape. Clear longboard griptape works the same way as regular tape, but you can still see your deck design and graphics.

Maintaining Your Griptape

Maintaining your griptape will make sure that it lasts longer and you have a better riding experience. The first important thing to do is to make sure that you apply the tape correctly, and avoid any air bubbles. To make sure you do this right, check out our guide and video on How to Put on Griptape.

Remember to also clean your griptape regularly to keep it grippy and looking fresh. To do this, simply scrub it with a griptape cleaner. Over time though, all griptape will wear down and need replacing.

How often you need to change your tape depends on how often you skate and the type of skating you do. If you feel like you are losing the friction feeling even after cleaning it, then it is a sign that you need some new tape.

If you need tape for skateboarding, have a look at our Skateboard Griptape.

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