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Skateboard wheels - choosing the right durometer and size

The wheel durometer and size are the two main factors you should pay attention to when buying skateboard wheels.

Wheel size: The size of the wheel is measured in diameter and affects speed and control. Bigger skateboard wheels are typically faster but less maneuverable while smaller wheels tend to be easier to maneuver but are not as fast.

Wheel durometer: The hardness of the wheel is indicated with a numerical rating and the letter A. The durometer affects the durability, road grip and shock absorption of the wheels. The higher the rating, the harder the wheels.

We have packages with four skateboard wheels but you can also buy wheels separately. On the product pages you can see the number of wheels included in a package. It is also possible to choose between different diameters in order to get exactly the size of wheel you prefer for your skateboard.

Check out our selection of skateboard wheels on this page. We sell high-quality wheels from several recognised skateboard brands.

If you have doubts about how to choose the right wheels for your skateboard, do not hesitate to contact us.