Pro Scooter Pegs

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What Are Pro Scooter Pegs Used For?

Pro scooter pegs are cylindrical-shaped parts that can be attached to the wheels of a pro scooter. They allow scooter riders to perform different grinds, stalls, and jumps that are otherwise not possible on scooters without pegs. They come in different lengths and can be made from either metal or plastic materials.

How to Use Scooter Pegs

Pro scooter pegs can be set up on either side of the front and rear wheel axles of your peg-cut deck. Most riders choose to install two pegs, on the same side of the scooter, as they favor one side more than the other for tricks.

To grind on scooter rails or boxes, you need to be able to hop up onto the obstacle with the front, back or both pegs landing on the grinding surface. To finish the trick, you just hop back off and roll away. There are many combinations of this, and the trick list is long. Other peg tricks where you use your feet more are nose and tails manuals and many other jumps and spins.

Even though most trick scooter pegs have a mounting bolt included, bear in mind that not all pegs fit each pro scooter. The standard axle diameter that comes with the pegs is 8 mm, so this should be the same diameter as your original axle. A rule of thumb is to buy the pegs, deck and fork from the same brand to give you the best chance of it fitting together.

If you are interested to see how the pegs for scooters and many other parts of the scooter are put together, then check out our guide on Assembling a Stunt Scooter.

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