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Foil Wings

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Get Yourself a Versatile Foil Wing

Foil wings are the handheld wings that you use to harness the wind and propel yourself while surfing a foil board. Unlike windsurfing, foil wings are not attached to the board, so a lightweight and stable design is key to having fun in the water.

The frames of surf wings have an inflation system which reduces weight and the wing size can range from 2.8 m2 to 8 m2. In stronger wind conditions, a smaller size is suitable to manage the wind power. Beginner foil surfers will find the lighter winds and large foil wings easier to handle.

To find out the wing sizes suitable for different wind ranges, click on the foil wing size chart on one of the products. If you're interested in foil boards, then check out Foil Boards for Surf, Kite and Wake.

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