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Kick Wax

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Choose the right kick wax for your need

Our kick wax selection includes kick wax for various temperatures and snow conditions. Kick wax secures a good grip on the snow with it’s sticky and soft material. Besides giving you a better grip, it also ensures a better kick and provides the best possible power transfer from the ski to the snow.

To achieve the best possible grip, kick wax is made for various temperatures since the snow texture change together with the temperature. As an example, if the temperature rises the snow will become wet, which require a softer and more sticky kick wax. If you use the wrong kick wax in relation to the temperature, a good grip will not be achieved. It is stated on all of our kick wax products, what temperature it is recommended for.

Kick wax is also known as grip wax and is applied on waxable classic skis in the area roughly under the binding. The area where the wax is applied is called the wax pocket or the kick zone.

If you experience that the ski slips under you when you kick, you might want to apply more wax. If you already have a decent amount of wax in the kick zone, you will have to find a stickier wax.

SkiGo wax is a good choice

As you might notice, we carry a lot of different kick waxes from the SkiGo brand. We believe that SkiGo produces some of the best kick wax in the world, and that is the reason why we have chosen to put our trust in this brand. And we have not been disappointed! You should take a look at our Skigo XC Kickwax Tour Pack, where you get three different waxes and a chunk of high-quality cork for applying the wax on the skis. With this set, you will be all set for temperatures from 5 to -10 degrees Celsius.

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