Spacers for inline skates

Good to know

Choosing the right rollerblade spacers are essential

Browse around in this category, and there will be a pretty good chance that you find your new rollerblade spacers among our selection of rollerblade wheel spacers and rollerblade frame spacers.

Rollerblade wheel spacers are the small metal pieces, that’s placed between the two bearings in each wheel of your inline skates. They exist in different sizes (6 mm or 8 mm), so be sure you know which spacers your wheels use before purchasing new ones. This will usually be stated on the wheel or on your old spacer. Even though it is possible to assemble both bearings and wheels without the spacers, this is not something that we recommend, since it will wear your bearings down in no time and give you an awful ride.

Rollerblade frame spacers are placed in between the frame of the skate and the wheels. Newer skates often come with frame spacers already built into the frame, simply to avoid extra loose parts. In kids' skates and older skates, you will often find loose rollerblade frame spacers. There are various types of spacers, so if you are new to this area, we recommend that you read this guide to make sure that you purchase the correct ones.

Don’t buy plastic spacers

Both rollerblade frame spacers and rollerblade wheel spacers can be found in plastic, but as you might have noticed, all of our spacers are produced in metal. Usually in aluminum. Even though the price might be repelling, we don’t recommend plastic spacers, since the lifetime and quality are very poor.

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