Aggressive Skate Boots

Good to know

All our aggressive skate boots and frames fit perfectly together

Does the boot fit the frame? That’s a question that you don’t have to ask yourself if you choose to build your own custom aggressive custom skate here at SkatePro. In this category, you’ll find our selection of aggressive skate boots, and all of them are UFS compatible which simply means that they fit the most common standard around.

One of the advantages of buying only the aggressive skate boot is the opportunity you get to make your own unique aggressive inline skates. By starting with the skate boots only, you can choose to customize your aggressive skates with frames, bearings and wheels of your choice. If you already own a pair of aggressive inline skates, you can also use the parts from these for your new skate boots to save money and create your own unique skates.

In this section, you will also find some boots that are not present in our complete aggressive skates sections. The reason for this is, that some of the boots are produced in a limited number, and the manufacturers want their customers to optimize their boots with the perfect personal setup and skate style.

We have a wide assortment of aggressive skate boots from a range of different manufacturers. At the moment one of the most popular boots in the section is the V13 from Val which is a redesign of the iconic Majestic12 from Roces, that helped define aggressive inline skating in the late 1990´s.

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