Freeskate Gear & Accessories




Skating Cones and More Freeskating Gear

Freeskating is a fun form of skating where the goal is skating fast in urban environments. As you get more and more into the sport, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to get some freeskate accessories to perfect your setup. In this category, you’ll see a huge range of inline skating accessories to cater to all your freeskating needs.

One of the key skills for all freeskaters to learn is how to slalom. Here you’ll see a few different slalom cones that are specifically designed for skating. These cones are made to be durable and heavy enough so that they won’t break easily and can survive in urban environments.

You’ll also find products here that are designed to maximize your comfort. For example, footies and booties will provide extra cushioning to your foot and ankle areas minimizing the risk of blisters.

Like all types of skating, it’s recommended that you wear the right Protective Gear to avoid any nasty injuries.

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