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Roller skis for a full body exercise

Rollerskis are practically road skis with wheels. Practicing roller skiing offers you a full body exercise as well as great nature experiences. Roller skis are great for training your balance and coordination, and you get a feeling of moving on snow. Besides that, a modern roller ski feels almost the same as running on cross-country skis, and it is a great method to train for a cross country race like Vasaloppet if you don’t live in areas with lots of snow.

Running on roller skis is an efficient and gentle training method if you have an injury, compared to traditional running that's harsher on the body. The joints are spared since you use a more gliding technique throughout the entire range of motion.

Here you will find a great selection of rollerskis for all levels, which will give you the true on-snow feeling all year around.

Most cross country boots actually fit all of the roller skis that we sell and vice verse. This will save you both a decent amount of money but also some storage space.

A beginner on rollerskis?

It takes some practice to get familiar with running on roller skis, so it is important to find a path with no cars or obstacles to disturb you as a beginner. Gravel paths and forest roads are great to begin your first run on. We also recommend you to wear at least a helmet and knee pads as protection.

Today, lots of roller ski clubs exist, where you can practice together with other beginners and get guidance in "how to" run on the roller skis.

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