Ski Helmets

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First things first - ski helmets

Here is the place where you will find the first of the essentials when it comes to winter protection gear, a.k.a the ski helmet.

More and more people use snow helmets nowadays which have drastically changed the trends in design, comfort, and durability. New technologies and better impact protection systems are coming out constantly so there is no excuse not to keep your head safe.

Snow helmets are built not only to protect your head during impact though. They also keep you warm out in the mountains. Wearing a helmet also boosts your confidence since you feel safe, which means you can get the best out of a day on the slopes and give that extra push.

The proper fit of snow helmets

The ski helmet should sit nice and tight on the head when you shake your head and it should not be moving around. On the flip side, it shouldn't be so tight that it gets uncomfortable or annoying. It should sit snug on your head and with the chin strap in place. The different producers usually have different recommendations for their helmet fit so make sure to follow these recommendations.

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