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Freestyle and freeride longboards

On this page you will find a nice selection of longboards for freestyle and freeride that offer a lot of nice tricks and slides, respectively. The thing both types have in common is the shape of the deck. It is symmetric which simply means that both ends have the same shape.

Freestyle longboards - add tricks to your cruise

The purpose of freestyle longboarding is to make tricks. So if you are looking for a longboard for more than cruising and transportation, you can choose freestyle longboards to add some tricks to the ride such as manuals, hand spins and various jumps.

Freestyle is also often combined with dancing where a possible combination could be cross stepping into a nose manual and then finishing it with a shove-it.

Freestyle deck and wheels

The board is commonly designed with a kick in the front and back to make it possible to do tricks. The freestyle deck is also more flexible than the freeride deck. This little increase of flexibility adds to more bounce in the deck which gives you a more dynamic feeling compared to a stiff deck.

80-83A: The wheel durometer ranges from softer to medium. However, choose harder wheels of 86A if you want to use your freestyle longboard for slides.

Freeride longboards - for slides and tricks

In freeride the aim is to make slides and tricks either downhill or on flat surfaces. Freeride can be very similar to downhill, but differs by being more trick-oriented.

Freeride deck and wheels

The deck is the main difference between freeride and freestyle. Freeride decks are stiffer and react more instantly since they do not have the same bounce as freestyle decks. This makes them more suitable for slides.

It is possible to make slides and tricks with both types of longboards. However, for downhill freeriding you should go for a freeride longboard because with the flexible freestyle deck there is an increased risk of speed wobbles.

83-86A: For downhill freeriding the most common thing is to use wheels with a durometer of 86A – the harder the wheels, the easier it is to initiate slides. And mastering slides is crucial in downhill where you need to be able to control the speed. For flat surfaces where speed isn’t provided by a hill, you should go for softer wheels that make pumping easier in order to gain speed.

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