Aggressive Inline Skating

What Is Aggressive Inline Skating?

Aggressive inline skating is a specialized form of inline skating, in which different tricks and stunts are performed in skate parks and urban environments. The skaters’ main intention is to perform extreme tricks including grinds, jumps, and slides, while most other skating types focus on speed, distance, or urban commuting.

Aggressive skates are built to be durable, strong, and robust to withstand the impacts and hard landings of the sport. Therefore, aggressive skating should only be performed with these specialized skates for the best possible performances and protection.

Can You Use Aggressive Skates on the Streets?

Yes you can! But other than that, you can use them for other styles of aggressive skating disciplines as well. The characteristics of the three main skating styles are described below.

Street Skating

Street skating or freestyle skating takes place in urban settings or places that are not specially designed for tricks. When street skating, you use everyday street objects such as handrails and stairs as obstacles. Creativity and finding new, exciting places for tricks is an important part of street skating.

Park & Vert Skating

Park skating takes place in skate parks. The special-made obstacles make it possible to improve and practice more technical skills and to connect a series of tricks. Vert skating is also characterized by skating on a specialized object, a vert ramp. Vert skating usually features more air-time than the other types of aggressive skating, and the tricks performed include various spins and flips mid-air.


Powerblading is a special sub-type of aggressive skating where the focus is on speed. Powerblading is performed with aggressive skate boots featuring flat frames and larger wheels, and it consists of jumping off stairs and other obstacles, similar to parkour.

If you are looking for a more versatile skating style that combines making tricks and fitness skating, freeskating might be for you. See our Freeskates Category, where you can also find more info on this type of skating.

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