Skateboards, Longboards and Cruiser Skateboards

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Be the lord of the board

We offer a large selection of boards for various riding styles. No matter if you are into street and park skateboarding, downhill longboarding or just cruising the streets, we have a board to fit your needs.

Which board should you choose?

All the boards have different advantages. Which one is the right for you depends on which style you prefer.


You can use skateboards for either vert, street or park. If you are into street riding, you should choose small wheels as they will bring you closer to the ground and provide stability. If you are into stunts on ramps, you can use larger wheels. The material of skateboard decks is maple, and Canadian maple is the strongest. Maple is great for skateboard decks because it is very durable and will keep the shape despite of impacts and hard landings.


Longboards are available in different variants. You can use a longboard for carving/cruising, freeride or downhill racing and for freestyle or even dancing. Cruiser longboards are great for beginners, and everybody who wants to cruise the streets. Longboards for downhill racing are designed for high speed. The length of dancers enables you to walk or “dance” on the board while riding it, which is inspired by riding these very long surfboards. Freeride and Freestyle boards are great if you want to do tricks on even surfaces. Longboard decks are not necessarily made of maple only. Bamboo and fiberglass are also common materials for these decks.

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are available with wood or nylon decks. Wood cruisers are usually around the same size as conventional skateboards, with an old school design. Nylon cruisers are usually quite small, and therefore easy to maneuver and carry around. Both wood and nylon cruisers have quite large and soft wheels, for a fast, yet grippy ride. Cruiser boards are very popular because they are easy to cruise in urban areas and the colorful and creative designs of the boards make them modern lifestyle accessories as well.


Waveboards are quite different from other boards. Instead of one deck, these have two deck plates combined by a torsion bar. You create momentum on the waveboard by twisting the two deck plates in opposite directions. Because of this, the waveboard differentiates from skateboards in both design and technique.

Snow skateboards

A snow skateboard has similarities with both a skateboard and a snowboard. With a snow skateboard, you get the opportunity to play and do tricks in the snow – even when the amount of snow is very small. The advantage of the snow skateboard is that it is easier to use and bring along than a snowboard, because you do not need snowboard boots nor bindings when you use a snow skateboard.

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