Cross Country Ski Bindings - Classic

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A few things to consider when buying classic cross country bindings

When it comes to choosing a good pair of classic cross country ski binding you want a set of bindings that are compatible with the soles of your boots. This boils down to doing some research on whether your boots use the NNN system (New Nordic Norm) or the SNS (Salomon Nordic System). Furthermore, you might have a set of SNS boots that also fits in a set of NNN bindings. If this is the case, your boots will carry the word “pro-link” somewhere in the description.

At this state, The "feel" of the different binding systems are mostly a matter of taste and personal opinion, rather than it is a difference in performance potential and durability within the bindings. The different manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money into optimizing the binding system, and it is hard to imagine, that they will be able to improve binding systems significantly. But again - we have thought that before, and they always seem to find something to improve and optimize.

The past 20 years these two standards have been domination, but since the patent on the NNN-system which was owned by Rottefella has expired, we are due to see a wide variety of new players on the market, within the near future. The two major brands Fischer and Rossignol has already proclaimed their new setup - Turnamic, that might be the next generation of bindings.