Cross Country Skis & Cross Country Skiing Equipment

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Choose the right cross country skiing equipment

Cross-country skis (also known as Nordic skis) are used for the world's oldest skiing sport - a sport for every age. Cross-country skis are great for a workout, and they help you to train the major muscle groups, and at the same time, you will improve your balance and coordination.

The length of the cross-country ski should be around 20cm higher than yourself. To find the right ski, you need to figure out how you want to use the skis.

3 types of cross-country skis

There are three main types of Cross Country skis, with slightly different features. We have separated the skis into classic skis, skating and backcountry skis.

classic Cross country skis

With a thin, light-weight design, these skis are great for skiers who like speed and long trips on groomed trails. Since they are thinner, a good balance is required and therefore, some experience. They are suitable for racing and competitions.

Skating cross country skis

These skis are typically shorter and stiffer than the other two types. The name itself shows that those skis are a bit more specific in the movements you use, namely, sideward kick motion. That is why they are a bit more dynamic and require a specific technique.

Backcountry cross country skis

These skis are heavier and wider than the two other kinds because they are suited for skiers who prefer long trips “off trail” and in deeper, ungroomed snow. The design of the skis makes them great for trips both up and down the mountain. Backcountry skis are for the intermediate or advanced skier who knows his way around the mountain.

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