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Freeride Skis / Powder Skis

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Freeride Skis - What is that all about?

Freeride skis, powder skis, off-piste skis or backcountry skis - however you choose to call them, they are fun!

The actual freeride skiing includes hiking up the mountain and skiing back down in the untouched deep snow. This, of course, requires a bit more special kind of skis, compared to going down the piste.

And since a part of enjoying a backcountry ski ride includes the hike up (unless you take another way up like the ski lift, snow-scoot or a helicopter), you will need also a pair of ski skins. These will give you a good grip while walking up on your skis.

The design of powder skis

Powder skis are usually wide and come with a good amount of rocker so they can keep you afloat on the powder snow. The wide waist of the skis also helps you stay on the surface and takes some of the pressure on your legs.

This means. though that doing sharp, carving turns on the groomed slopes is way harder than with regular on-piste or all-mountain skis.

Which backcountry ski should I choose?

One of the most important thing when choosing your backcountry skis is how much will you actually ride them backcountry. If you will only go off-piste, then the wider the better. But if you plan on going both freeride and on-piste, a waist width of 95-105 mm should be good enough so that you can float on the powder and still perform some good turns on the groomed slopes.

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