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Why choose a kids ski?

Many parents rent skis for their kids the first time they go on a ski holiday. It is also an excellent start, but there are many advantages of buying kids skis and kids ski gear. If you buy instead of renting, the kids can get try out the ski equipment at home before going skiing, either by trying the skis and ski boots indoor or on the local slope when there is snow. This will help the child to feel secure and comfortable with the skis and gear. Furthermore, you are assured quality products and you will save time, not having to stand in the queue at the ski rental.

The advantages of buying own kids skis

The advantage of the kids ski is that it is developed with the child’s weight, physics and technique in mind. Though, the kids skis are similar to adult skis, there are some differences as well. The kids skis are lighter and easier to maneuver. If you find the right pair of skis, the gain will be that your child’s skiing techniques and skills will develop very fast, and there will be more time for fun in the snow.

Skis Kids - Different types for different action

Kids skis are available in the same models as skis for adults.


The all-mountain ski is a very versatile type of ski, suitable for skiing on the slopes and it is wide enough for you to explore off-piste skiing as well. Most children will have a great time with this type of skis.

Racing ski

Racing skis for children provide safety and stability at high speeds for advanced skiers. It is typically a narrower and slightly stiffer type of kids ski, which makes it fun to ski fast on the slopes. They are built for fast and accurate skiing on the hardest snow.

Twintip ski

Twintip means that the tips and tails of the skis are bent up, making it easier to ski backward and doing tricks on the slopes and in the park. Twintip has also more or less become the standard of most new freeride skis. The kids ski with twintip design is generally wider in the front, rear and in the middle, and constructed of softer materials to absorb pressure from hard landings. The benefits of choosing twintip include that the curved-up tips and tails are less likely to become trapped in unevenness on the piste, off-piste and in the box in the park.

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