Scooter Gloves


Why Wear Scooter Gloves

Wearing pro scooter gloves is an easy way to protect your hands, keep warm and maximize your grip. With action sports like pro scootering, falling happens to even the best of riders and it is only instinctive to want to fall on your hands to protect the rest of your body. Wearing gloves will help prevent injury and cuts to your hands and fingers.

Furthermore, wearing stunt scooter gloves will also help keep your hands and fingers warm if you are riding outside in cold weather. Along with keeping you warm, many gloves also come with ventilation holes and are made out of breathable material. Scooter gloves will also improve your grip on the handlebars.

The Different Types of Scooter Gloves

Gloves for scooter riders come in various colors and styles and they are a nice addition to add to your overall scooter look. Many modern designs are padded which will harden upon impact.

Some gloves meanwhile are designed as “half finger gloves” leaving the tips of your fingers exposed. Many scooter gloves can also be used for other sports such as BMX.

Along with gloves, many riders choose to wear a wrist brace to provide extra support and protection.

If you are looking for more pro scootering protection, check out our selection Pro Scooter Helmets and Knee Pads.

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