BMX / Motocross Goggles

How to choose the right BMX goggles

Off-road goggles are used for both race BMX and motocross. Most Motocross and BMX goggles are made for tear-off lenses. Another technology that can be found on off-road goggles for motocross and BMX is the roll-off technology.

The difference between tear-off and roll-off is that with the tear-off you pull off the tear-off sheets and throw them away. On a roll-off system, you roll the film over the lens and keep it on a roll on the other side of the goggles.

Tear-off systems are typically a bit stronger than roll-off systems, but they can’t store as many pulls as the roll-off. A tear-off system usually holds about 30 tear-off sheets where a roll-off system can hold up to 50 pulls.

What tone should my lenses be?

There are basically three different color tones on BMX and motocross goggles.

Light toned lenses are for low light conditions while medium toned lenses are more universal and can be used in both low light and more sunny conditions. Dark toned lenses are optimal in bright and sunny conditions.

Many riders prefer to have both a light toned lens and a dark toned lens, to ensure they have the optimal lenses for the weather on the race day.

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