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Get on Board and Start Your SUP Adventure

Stand up paddleboarding, often just referred to as SUP, is one of the fastest-growing water sports around. The beauty of paddle boarding is that it’s relatively easy to learn and you are free to do what you want with it - it’s as much a sport as it is a social activity and a way to explore nature.

You can take part in competitive paddle boarding, touring, or just take it slow with an all around board. Paddle boarding is ideal on calm waters, so you can stand up paddle on oceans, lakes, rivers and bays. Alternatively, if you prefer to ride the waves you can opt for a SUP that is designed for surfing. Although paddle boarding is considered an easier water sport to learn, there are plenty of schools around which can teach you the basics and the correct techniques.

The benefit of having your own paddle board gear is you can choose the style and design of your board as you like. Also, if the weather is good then you can get straight out on the water and don’t have to worry about hiring equipment.

How Do I Prepare for Paddle Boarding?

Most beginners start with an inflatable paddle board over a solid one. The benefits of having an inflatable sup are that they are lightweight but still rigid and easier to travel with.

Along with the board, there are a few more pieces of equipment that you need before you get started. You’ll first need to get a paddle as you won’t be able to do much with your board without one. Another essential is your leash - this will make sure that you won’t get separated from the board. If you choose to go for an inflatable board, then you will also need a pump.

Getting protection such as a helmet or life vest is often a requirement when paddling in certain waters, and it’s also worth considering a wetsuit if you're paddling in colder waters.

If you want to know more about stand up paddle boarding, then check out our guide and video on Buying a SUP Board.

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