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What Is a BMX Crankset?

BMX cranks are the metal arms that connect bike pedals to the bottom bracket. Freestyle cranksets are designed to be tough and are an important part of creating forward motion on a BMX. Compared to race BMX bike cranks which are made out of aluminum or carbon fiber, freestyle cranks are made from steel or Chromoly.

What Are the Different Types of BMX Cranksets?

There are three main types of cranksets for freestyle BMX: 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece. 1-piece cranks are held in place by the bearings and are commonly found on entry-level bikes and older models. 2-piece cranks come with one crank bolt, are easy to install, and contain a spindle that is built into one of the crank arms. 3-piece BMX cranksets are the most common style of cranks found on freestyle BMX bikes. They are typically heavier but more solid than a 2-piece crankset and often a little wider.

Getting the Right Size Cranks and Spindles

Most crank arms are between 170mm and 175mm long, however, it is possible to find lengths between 127mm and 190mm. Deciding on the right length depends on the rider’s preference. Longer crank arms are popular with riders who do jumping and racing, while shorter lengths are more suited to street and flatland riding.

It is also important to consider what spindle size you want. The spindle is the axle where the cranks attach and is found in the bottom bracket. BMX spindle sizes are available in 19mm, 22mm and 24mm. The 19mm diameter spindle is ideal for riding ramps and trails and works well for street riding. The 22mm spindle diameter is stronger than 19mm and is ideal for drops and grinding. The 24mm diameter size has become more popular in recent years and can withstand whatever you want to do with your BMX.

Finally, it is essential to check that your crankset is compatible with your pedals and that you know the size of your bottom bracket.

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