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Skate ski bindings for optimal speed

Cross country skating reminds a lot about the feeling of ice skating. With the long glide zone in the middle of the ski, the resemblance is pretty clear. This of course also has a lot of resemblance with roller skiing, whereas some of our skate ski bindings also are compatible with roller skis.

Most skate ski bindings are very lightweight, for that main goal to optimize the potential for speed. At the moment we carry a wide variety of different skate bindings from Salomon and Rottefella. The top model from Salomon is the SNS Pilot Carbon Rs Ski binding. This binding is a lightweight champion for skating.

At Rottefella the flagship skate binding is the Xcelerator Pro Skate Bindings which weighs as little as 191 grams. The Rottefella bindings can be mounted on an NIS base plate. This allows you to manually adjust the position of the bindings. If you move the binding forward you will gain control - whereas an adjustment backward will gain speed.

Want your skate ski bindings to fit your roller skis?

Cross country skiers that enjoy roller skiing in the summer season can with advantage choose a set of skate ski bindings, that are also compatible with rollers skis. An example would be The Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS2 Bindings that are compatible with some roller skis as well.

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