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The Importance of Wearing Ski Goggles

A pair of ski goggles is an important part of your attire when on the ski slopes. They shield your eyes from the different weather conditions such as sunshine, snow, fog, wind and provide UV protection. Keeping your face warm in the colder conditions is also a welcomed benefit. The best ski goggles come with antifog features, breathable foam padding and the possibility to swap out the lenses to match different weather conditions.

What Color of Goggle Lens Should I Have?

Generally speaking, the darker colored lenses let less light through, so are great to block out the sun. The lighter color lenses allow more light in, which is advantageous on darker, cloudier days. Aside from color, each lens is given a VLT rating in % (Visual Light Transmission). The lower the VLT-%, the less light will be allowed in, which is best for sunny days. The higher the VLT-%, the more light is allowed in, and this is optimal for cloudy and snowy days.

Some goggles come with changeable lenses so that you can remove one lens and add another to better suit the weather conditions. Ski or snowboard goggles in our product range can come with a free second lens.

Are Snowboard and Ski Goggles the Same?

The short answer to this question is yes. Whether your snow goggles are from a ski specific brand or a snowboard specific brand, they will do the same job. Many brands are neutral when it comes to these disciplines, so you can base your decision on other factors like style, color and quality.

To get some more useful information on buying ski goggles, you can visit The Ultimate Snowboard and Ski Goggles Guide.

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