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The difference between cycle helmets and skate helmets

The helmet is the most important part of your safety gear, and the first thing you need to get when you start to skate, cruise or ride.

While bike helmets and skate helmets have a lot in common, like protecting your head from injuries, there are some important differences you need to be aware of before buying one. The two major differences are:

  • Skate helmets are multi-impact resistant while conventional bike helmets need to be changed after a single serious impact
  • Skate helmets are made in a shape to protect also the back of your head while conventional bike helmets don't go all the way to your neck

These helmets have different testing standards and different approval stamps but many skate helmets have been approved for biking too (BMX helmets also included). So if you want a helmet for biking that looks like a skate helmet, it’s a good idea to look into the certificates before making a purchase.

One certificate is often seen among our helmets, called EN 1078, which approves helmets for both skating and bike use. So if you want a skate, bike, BMX helmet or even a pro scooter helmet, go for one with a certificate EN 1078.

How to place a skate helmet correctly?

To achieve the best protection, it is important that the helmet is properly placed on the head. Some of the helmets have an adjustable closing system in the back of the helmet to secure a proper fit and some come with an extra set of padding in a different thickness. The straps are also adjustable. They should be tightened but not too tight. The straps should form a Y right under the ear without touching the ear. The helmet fits when you can shake your head a little without the helmet moving.

All the helmets have foam pads for better comfort and for a better fit. At the same time, the helmets are available with a ventilation system, that prevents the head from overheating when you skate or ride your bike.

If you are unsure about which helmet to choose, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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