Winter Hats, Beanies and Balaclavas


Winter hats, beanies and balaclavas

Keeping your head and face warm is an important ingredient for a successful day on the mountain. In this category, you’ll find all kinds of winter hats from beanies to balaclavas and headbands. What to wear when you’re out skiing depends on the weather conditions, what you’re doing and your personal preferences.

Even though the sun might be shining the weather can still be cold, therefore it’s important to wear a warm winter hat/beanie or on those extra cold days - a balaclava.

A fashion favorite must-have

It’s not only out on the slopes that winter hats and beanies are a popular accessory. Both items are a favorite for many skaters not only to keep their head warm but also to add a little extra attitude to their look. As streetwear and skatewear have gotten popular like never before both the winter hat and the beanie have become a fashion favorite must-have in the mainstream fashion world.

Designed for performance

In this category you’ll also find a wide selection of winter hats, beanies and balaclavas designed for high-intensity sports where performance is key, such as cross country skiing and roller skiing, running or cycling. All designed to keep you warm and dry, this is both important factors when you are out there performing your favorite sport.


Another option for keeping your head warm on the mountain is a headband. You’ll find that headbands are typically made from the same materials as winter hats, beanies and balaclavas. The headband mainly keeps your ears warm and are reserved for warm and sunny days out skiing.

Feel free to explore our product range to find the winter hat, beanie, balaclava or headband that fits your needs and taste! At the after-ski, you are also going to appreciate your warm ski hat that will give you a cool and casual ski look.

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