Snow pants & Ski pants


Snow pants will keep you warm, dry and agile

So what to wear when skiing? Well, it depends on what kind of skiing you’re going to do. In this category you will find ski pants or snow pants as they are also called.

So how to choose what to wear when skiing? Well, there are a few things to think about.

A good pair of winter pants is well-articulated at all the joints so you can move with both freedom and comfort. The front of the pants usually consists of wind blocking fabric to keep the wind from cooling you down. The backside of the ski pants is usually made from stretchy and breathable fabric to allow moisture from your base layer to evaporate. If the weather is very cold it’s also possible to get thermal cross country pants.

All the ski, snow and winter pants you’ll find in this category are made from quality fabric by some of the best brands available.

What is the breath test?

If you want to test if your ski pants, or any other piece of clothing, are wind blocking you can make a “breath test”. Take your pants. Hold the fabric close to your mouth and blow hard, if the pants are wind blocking, you shouldn’t feel any air pass through the fabric.

The key features of quality ski pants

When it comes to skiing it can in many ways, be compared with running. The movements are about the same. The pants you wear for ski and running, are designed with similar features. The aim is to optimize the movability of the legs. Ski pants can be found as both tights and with loose-fit - What fit you the best, comes down to personal preferences.

Like running pants, snow pants often have reflexes to make them more visible, in low light conditions. This is especially important when you travel to the backcountry. If you do this we also recommend that you bring a headlamp.

Remember to get a quality winter base layer

It can be a good idea to wear a pair of wool underwear underneath your winter pants. Wool is good at transporting sweat away from the body.

Skiing can be a full body workout and this requires a great amount of ventilation and some breathable features from your clothes. This is qualities that all of our different pants in this section holds.

Some models come with insulating qualities, other models are made only to protect against wind and water.

The construction of proper snow pants

When you’re heading out for a day of cross country skiing on the mountain it’s important to wear a pair of pants that keep you warm and dry. We recommend a pair of ski pants that are made from polyester.

Whether you’re into racing/competing, or like the recreational branch of the sport, cross country is a full body workout. The Cross country pants you’ll find in this category are designed to not only keep the cold weather out but also let the moisture evaporate, leaving you dry.

Most of the pants you’ll find here are made with a windbreaking front side and a ventilated back side. You’ll also find thermally insulated pants for those really cold days. No matter what kind of pants you’ll choose, you find that they are also water resistant.

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