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What Are the Different Types of Freestyle BMX Seats?

BMX seats are designed to be small and withstand impacts. Many BMX seats point up, giving the rider more control and comfort when pedaling and performing tricks. There are four main types of seats for freestyle BMX: pivotal, tripod, railed and combo.

Pivotal seats are mounted at the top by one bolt which goes through the top of the seat. The angle of a pivotal BMX bicycle seat can be adjusted, depending on your riding style. Tripod BMX seats are mounted at the bottom meaning that you cannot change the angle of the BMX seat, so you don’t have as much motion as compared to pivotal seats. However, once you are mounted, you are ready to go.

Combo seats, also known as integrated seats, are seats that are attached to the seat post. As they come as one unit, it is not possible to separate the two. Railed BMX seats, also known as “micro-adjust seatposts,” come with two rails underneath the saddle, providing the rider with great stability.

Why Are BMX Bike Seats so Low?

Unlike other forms of cycling, BMX riders spend little time sitting down. BMX saddles are low to provide better clearance when attempting tricks and to ensure that it does not get in the way. Furthermore, having a lower seat can also increase your power when riding, and allow you to grip the seat with your legs.

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