Skate Pants


Skate pants: A sturdy and comfortable choice

Skate pants, shorts and chinos are essentials in every skater and rider's wardrobe. When you are out there practicing your skills, you are going to fall, so why not wear trousers (or shorts) that are sturdy enough to offer a bit protection from concrete, wood or asphalt. On this page, you’ll find our selection of jeans, chinos, and sweatpants.

Compared to pants you’ll buy at a “normal store,” the Skate pants, chinos and shorts you’ll find in this category are designed specifically to give you the best possible fit, so you can twist, turn and do flips without any problems.

We know that the life of a pair of skate trousers or shorts is hard. That's why all the skate pants, chinos, and shorts you’ll find in this category are carefully chosen by us to give you maximum durability.

A fashion favorite

Though skate pants, chinos, and shorts are designed for skaters, it’s not only reserved for those who ride skateboards, roller skates and scooters anymore. The fashion world has brought skatewear and streetwear into mainstream fashion long ago. Skate trousers and shorts have become household favorites in many people's wardrobe because of the cool design and comfortable fit. The pants, chinos, and shorts you will not only fit you if you are into having a casual urban look or a more formal look.

We carry skate pants, shorts, and chinos from strong and classic brands such as Dickies, Element, Globe and Quicksilver.