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Bearings for skateboards

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You need skateboard bearings to keep you rolling

Here you can find our selection of bearings for skateboards. Our wide range of bearings ensures that you can always find what you are looking for, no matter if it's ABEC-3 or ABEC-9 bearings or something in between.

Most Skateboarders prefers to use Bones Reds skateboard bearings since they are very durable and well-tested by tons of casual and pro skateboarders. The bearings have not received a grading on the ABEC-scale, but the precision is known to be equal to an ABEC-3 or 5 which is perfect for skateboarders.

A common misunderstanding when choosing bearings for skateboards is that you should choose a bearing with a high ABEC-grading no matter how you use your skateboard. But as a street skater, you should actually choose a bearing with a lower grading, since you don’t need all that high-speed which an ABEC 7 to ABEC 9 can provide. You only need the durability.

Remember spacers for your new skateboard bearings

If you want to replace all the skateboard bearings, you should buy a package of eight. When replacing the bearings, we would also recommend, that you replace the spacers between the bearings. Spacers are rather cheap, and since skateboarding often results in some serious hits and beat, these might also need a replacement even though they look all new. If you are experiencing a low performance from your skateboard bearings, you might want to try a good cleaning before you rush out and buy new ones. Learn how to clean your skateboard bearings in this article.

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