Ski Maintenance

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Good ski maintenance will improve durability

For most, it’s a no-brainer, that frequent use of ski wax, a good cleaning and regular maintenance of your skis will keep them in good condition and thereby prolong their lifetime. Here at SkatePro we are well aware of that fact, and that is why you will find a wide variety of different ski maintenance and ski cleaning products.

As an old saying goes: “The best way to get back into shape is to never get out of shape” - and this may also be said about a pair of skis. One of the best ways to keep your skis in tip-top condition is waxing. It's an easy-to-do task and should be performed regularly.

Maintenance before the season

There are basically 3 steps to take when you need to prepare your skis for the season. Have you never tried preparing skis before? It can be recommended that you use one of the many service points that are to find around the ski resorts.

Are you planning on learning how to maintain skis yourself? Here are a few steps of what to do.

  1. Sharpen the edges, it is important that you have sharp edges on your skis. Sharp edges help the ski cut into the slopes and improve the grip. The sharp edges are a great help in not sliding out when doing turns at high speed. Make sure that you get the same angle all the way throughout the skis. There are a few different sharpening tools specially made for alpine skis and snowboards, these tools are a great help in controlling the sharpening angle. The sharpening angle usually ranges from 86° to 89°.Check the base of the skis for scratches and holes, if you have any, they need to be fixed before moving on to the next step. Here is a step by step guide of how to repair the base of alpine skis and snowboards.
  2. Clean the base with a brush and make sure there is no dust and filthy stuff left on the base.
  3. When the base is cleaned off it's time for the next step repairing the holes. For the repair, you need a lighter, a scraper and a base repair stick. Heat the repair stick until it starts dripping. Let the stick drip a few drops onto the damaged area. Let the base cool off, then scrape off the extra material until you end up with a smooth finish.
  4. Wax the skis with glider wax. This is done by melting the wax with an iron letting it run onto the base. Even out the wax with the iron. Scrape off the extra wax. Repeat this step 2-3 times for optimal effect.

Notice: Don’t let the iron stay too long in the same spot, it will ruin the base of the skis.

After the season

Give the skis a good layer of glider wax, but instead of scraping it off you just pack the skies away over summer. When you bring out the skis for the next season you can scrape and clean the leftover wax off, with rubbing alcohol and repeat the steps from before the season, and the skis are ready to use.

When storing the skies remember to keep them in a dry place if possible make sure that air can circulate freely around the base of the ski.

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