Scooter Decks

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Deck length
Wheel diameter

Scooter deck material

Here you will find a wide range of scooter decks for both beginners and experienced riders. All scooter decks you see on this page are made from either one-piece steel or aluminum.

Pro scooter decks made from steel are heavier yet more durable and very suitable for big jumps and air tricks. Aluminum scooter decks are on the other hand very lightweight and thus very easy to do technical freestyle tricks with.

Integrated pro scooter decks

All trick scooter decks in this category have an integrated head tube. This means that the scooter deck has already built-in cups, which allow the headset to be mounted without any effort for easy installation. Integrated decks can only be used with integrated headsets.

If you are not sure which scooter deck you should choose, you are welcome to contact us.