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Pick a scooter deck in the right material

Here you will find a wide range of pro scooter decks for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. All scooter decks you see on this page are made from light and durable aluminum materials.

Pro scooter decks are made from high-quality aluminum which makes it very suitable for big jumps and air tricks. Aluminum scooter decks are on the other hand very lightweight and thus very easy to do technical freestyle tricks with.

Scooter decks are also made of plastic, wood and different kinds of steel. The reason for SkatePro only to retail aluminum decks is that they are long-lasting and remarkable light in weight - allowing the rider to put the scooter through more damage and even carry out more advanced tricks.

We will never try to sell a product, that we are not 100 % confident in, and that is the main reason why, you can't find any exceptional cheap decks in plastic, steel or wood anywhere on our site.

Integrated pro scooter decks

All trick scooter decks in this category have an integrated head tube. This means that the scooter deck has already built-in cups, which allows the headset to be mounted without any effort for easy installation.

Note: Before purchase please make sure that you use an integrated headset with your deck. Integrated decks can only be used with integrated headsets.

If you are not sure which scooter or headset you should go for, then check out our scooter deck guide and choosing a headset guide or drop us a message and we'll figure it out for you!

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