Water Sport Protection

Stay Safe When Having Fun on the Water

Water sports are great fun, but not wearing the right protection can lead to a serious injury. What protection you need depends on what sort of water sports activities you take part in. Our selection contains protection for all sorts of water sports such as SUP, wakeboarding and surfing.

In general, it’s always a good idea to have a certified water sports helmet as well as a life jacket or buoyancy aid. Remember that hitting the water at speed can feel as hard as concrete, so watersports helmets are specially designed to absorb this impact.

If you’re into wakeboarding or kitesurfing, then having an impact vest is a must. Wakeboard vests will reduce the impact on your body if you crash at high speeds and help prevent bruising or more serious injuries.

Life Jacket or Buoyancy Aid?

They look similar but what is the difference between the two? Life jackets are designed to keep you afloat even if you are unable to swim or are unconscious. They are built with a collar to support your neck and make sure that your face stays above the water.

In contrast, buoyancy jackets are made so that you can still easily swim while wearing one. They are better suited to gentler water sports and do not provide as much buoyancy compared to a life jacket. In short, if you are likely to be jumping in and out of the water more often, then choose a buoyancy jacket. If you are taking part in fast-paced activities where you don’t actually intend to be in the water, then go for a life jacket.

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